These are some of my better astronomy photographs.

Click on each thumbnail to bring up the original.

Sunspot 904, photographed 8-11-2006. This sunspot is my biggest so far. It is over 8 times the diameter of the Earth.

Sunspot 875, photographed 4-24-2006. This is my favorite sunspot photograph. I managed to get the focus perfect and capture great detail, including the spiderweb-like filaments radiating out from the sunspot. Immediately to its lower left you can also see a smaller sunspot that has just rotated into view.

Sunspot 875 and Friends, photographed three days later.

This is my best full moon photograph.

In this enlarged Mars photo I actually managed to capture some surface detail.

Saturn is very hard to photograph with a small telescope. You can just see some surface and ring detail.

Here is a picture of Jupiter with its four Galilean Moons. The Moons have been enhanced to make them more visible. Each objects actual brightness is indicated.

Here is Jupiter two days later. Notice how much the Moon's position has shifted.