The rig is an Icom 746Pro. Just above the rig is a Palstar AT1KM 1200W Antenna Tuner. When high power is necessary I fire up my 800W Ameritron AL-811H Amplifier. I use a homebrew interface for RTTY. For PSK31 and other digital modes I use a Signalink USB interface to key the rig. The station is run using the free DXLab Suite of programs,including DXKeeper for Logging and WinWarbler for RTTY and PSK31. My latest computer is a Intel Core2Duo with 8GB RAM. The station is set up in my bedroom on a desk from Office Depot. I built the shelves myself in my Dad's woodworking shop.

1) A Cushcraft A3S Tribander covering 10, 15, and 20 Meters.
2) A ground mounted Butternut HF9V With 33 radials each 33 feet long.
3) A ladderline fed 80 meter dipole which covers 80-10 meters with my tuner.
4) A 160 Meter Inverted-L with approximately 100 feet of the driven element vertical.
5) A Cushcraft D3W WARC-band rotatable dipole for 30,17, and 12 meters.